February 17, 2009

Elisa P from TX won $250 tonight

Hi Elisa,  Come and get it.  don’t forget to tell everyone you really got paid.  Thanks——David

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February 10, 2009

Harry M from WV Won $250 tonight

and cashed out.  We paid him $250.51 TWENTY MINUTES later!!!!!——-David

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February 6, 2009

The ICS $1099 Tax Cut Sweepstakes

Earlier today we announced our biggest sweepstakes ever, “The $1099 Tax Cut Sweepstakes.” (TCS)  The purpose of this post is to explain the TCS in less formal words than he rules as laid out in detail on the TCS registration page.

The TCS begins on 2/15 but was announced today so that you can begin to put yourself in a position to earn “chances” (think “lottery tickets in the TCS”).  The purpose of the TCS for us is to help grow our community even larger while rewarding those members who have been helping us grow.  To qualify for the TCS you have to actively join by clicking the link on the green announcement sign and then register on the TCS “registration and rules page.”

As you look through the rules you’ll notice that we have come up with the best compromise between ease of qualification for play in the TCS and the need to keep the bad guys from cheating the community by creating an unfair advantage through obvious techniques such as creating multiple bogus accounts.  These rules come at some cost of freedom for the honest majority for which I apologize in advance. 

In simple terms, we are restricting the use of IP addresses (Internet computer addresses) so that your friends must play on IP addresses that are different than you and your other invited friends play from.  As an unavoidable side effect, members in the same household, who are likely sharing the same IP address, will not be able to help each other win the TCS and they will need to get other friends playing to meet the minimum of 10 invited playing friends.  This restriction will not apply to housemates routine wins and play.  The IP restriction may also cause similar limitations between workmates depending on whether they share an IP address at work.  A same issue probably will occur if you or any of your friends share a public hotspot.  Additionally, each of your playing friends must create (or must have created) their Instant Cash Sweepstakes accounts from different IP addresses.  Also, any play by any of you that occurs from the same IP address in the past 7 days will not give you “chances” to win.

After you register, you must successfully invite 10 friends at a minimum under the restrictions just described and get them to sign up for the TCS.   THEY DON’T HAVE TO SIGN UP THEIR OWN FRIENDS if they just want to play for you in TCS and for themselves for routine wins.  But, they must sign up for the ICS.  Once you have 10 or more qualified invited friends playing, it is their play, not yours that will give to “chances” and increase your odds of winning the $1099 prize.

Your goal is to get as many friends playing for you as possible.  Ten is the required minimum.  You can’t begin to earn any chances until you get 10.  The TCS begins at 7 PM EST on 2/15.  If you have your ten friends then you can start earning “chances” right away.   If you don’t have ten, then get them ASAP.  Every time one of your invited friends answers a survey you get one “chance”.  

Again, a “chance” is a special lottery ticket for the 4/15/2009 drawing that will select the $1099 winner.  The more “chances” you have, the greater your odds of winning.  And remember, as always, if the TCS winner was invited to Instant Cash Sweepstakes by another member, they win $1099 too!

Read the official rules on the TCS registration page for further details.  Please feel free to ask questions and comment below.

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February 4, 2009

Another Big Time Matching Prize

Last night, Tina M from MO won the $250 Grand Prize lottery drawing.  Her friend Lilly M, who invited her won a matching $250 prize!  So come on and invite as many friends as you can and get them working to win for you too.———David

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February 2, 2009

Our First “Best Survey of The Month” Winner

With all of the tumult of having our first major system crash this weekend, I forgot to announce in our blog that Melissa N won our first monthly best new member submitted survey.  What’s more…. Ashley R who invited Melissa won a matching $100!  Both have already cashed out and been paid.—————David

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February 1, 2009

:) :) We’re down…

We went down the early morning of Feb 1 and we are still down.  We will post more information as soon as we have it.  Sorry guys——-David

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January 29, 2009
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January 27, 2009

Melissa N from MN won $250 Tonight

Congratulations Melissa.  Come and get it!——-David

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January 22, 2009

New! New! New!

  1. You can now play a set of Q’s every 3 Hours!
  2. We have added a games lounge that you can get into after you hit the brick wall and have finished a survey session.  We even have leaderboards so you can compete.
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January 21, 2009

Latest Weekly $250 Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Caitlin C from FL who won $250.00 on 01-21-2009.  come and get it!——-David

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