April 21, 2010

Web 2.0 Expo Launch Pad Finalists Announced: AYTM one of 5 Startups to Pitch On Stage!

As part of our continuing growth and expansion, we have been showcasing our sister site, AskYourTargetMarket.com, at various tech conventions and expos around the country since we started. You may remember us blogging about TechCrunch50, and our bid to win and get to present on stage. We officially launched there, and it was exciting and a great learning experience, gaining us lots of exposure and contacts. We also were selected to present on stage at the Vator Splash, and we hosted 2 StartUp Weekend venues.

Our latest efforts have produced exciting results! The annual Web 2.0 Expo held in San Francisco is a conference which focuses on new web innovations, and provides a forum for like-minded folks to gather, see what is new and hot, and network. They also sponsor Launch Pad. They sought out and chose 5 companies from companies all over the world to present their product or service in front of a panel of industry experts and the entire Web 2.0 Expo audience for real time feedback!

It is a fantastic accomplishment to get chosen, and a rare opportunity in a crowded field to get noticed! We are proud and thrilled to have been chosen as one of the five Launch Pad finalists!

We hope that all of you take pride as well, since you are all an integral part of AskYourTargetMarket.com!

Read more here:


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April 19, 2010

AskYourTargetMarket.com co-sponsored Startup Weekends!

The past few days were very special for us. We were honored to co-sponsor StartupWeekend in Boulder, CO and Dallas, TX.

Here’s my experience in a few words:
There were 35-40 smart talented people in one room (most meeting each other for the first time), sparked by tsunami-entrepreneurship-tech-energy-spirit, Wi-Fi, a bunch of Macbook Pros in the room = AWESOME 3 day event. After dozens of pitches on Friday, the group voted for the best business idea and formed teams around the most interesting people and startup concepts. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning were used to define the business model, come up with strategies, marketing, logo, slogans and building prototype sites with some working functionality, preparing decks and polishing pitches. On Sunday by 3:30 teams started presenting their projects and the judges selected the winners. Now it’s up to the teams to use this steroid start and build real profitable companies or just keep in touch with new friends and move forward.

Our goal was to help teams to use AskYourTargetMarket.com during the event to get real world feedback on their concepts and assumptions. As expected - it went very well! We sponsored a few surveys and got back awesome stats that helped teams to shift some priorities, confirm some expectations and make the right decisions. Interesting fact: the event’s format put everybody in a very stressful time frame, but in reality, if you can’t do it in 48 hours and on 0 budget - you may never be able to pull it off! “Be successful or fail fast” is the best advice the startups received this weekend. AskYourTargetMarket.com definitely succeeded in delivering the valuable data right there and then. All surveys were fulfilled within 90 minutes (150 responses with open-ended answers) and gave them immediate nationwide US consumer feedback.

I’m happy and excited to see our company helping entrepreneurs find their groove, and help such awesome events to be more successful and meaningful. We made new friends, did some usability testing watching people using our system, and definitely had a great time!

For more information:

twitter hash tag: @swBoulder

All - photos: http://bit.ly/9FC9wk



CEO and Co-founder


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This week’s ICS $50 Social Media Contest winner!

Thank you all for your participation in ICS Weekly Social media Contest!
This week’s ICS $50 Social media Contest winner is Jacob R with this great post about ICS:


Instant Cash Sweepstakes.

Every day, thousands of surveys are completed, and hundreds of dollars are split and pumped into each active user.  One lucky user receives a grand-prize of $50.00 USD.

This site runs off of the money created through the completion of surveys by it’s users.  Surveys such as, “How do you like your ground beef?”, “Opinions on travel.”, and various questions about your work, martial status, age, and lifestyle.  Each survey takes less than twenty to thirty seconds to complete, and the amount of surveys start at five for every three hours.  Upon completion of each survey, the user is rewarded with two of three things:

  • A set amount of cash. (Usually $.01 to $.05 USD.) and coins. or
  • A set amount of raffle tickets and coins.

The cash is self explanatory.  It goes into a fund until you reach the payout limit of $2.00 USD. Tickets are used by the site, and are put into a large raffle with everyone who has completed a survey that day.  The raffle is for $50.00 on normal days, and $100.00 on the final day of every month.  Coins are used to purchase more raffle tickets.  At around 8:00 PM Eastern Time, all the raffle tickets owned by the users are compiled, and a winner is chosen.  Payouts are by PayPal only, and are limited to the USA.

InstantCashSweepstakes.com is also one of the most simple sites I have ever been on. Almost anything you could need is in click-able format, and the graphics on the drop-down boxes, surveys, and nearly every screen.  The site is extremely original, with their own custom template and images, as well.  It’s interactive, simple, and unique, enough said.

Another feature that makes this site unique, is their “TS” or “TrustScore” system. This system allows for the older members to have an increase in raffle tickets, coins, and small cash per survey. Not only are the amounts increased, but more and more “multipliers” are randomly given to the survey total, doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the amounts of each reward you receive.  Each level in the TS system also allows the user to participate in one more survey per every three hours.

Getting your friends, family, or other users to participate can nearly double your rewards, as well.  Each referral you bring to the website will deposit an equal amount of tickets, coins, and small cash for each survey.  If your recruited user earns say 52 tickets and 11 coins for one survey, you get 52 tickets and 11 coins deposited into your account  as well. To be valid for this offer, you yourself must complete at least 5 surveys in one day.  This is pretty simple, as you are allowed to complete five surveys without having to wait for more.

Right now is an opportunistic time to join!  Currently, InsantCashSweepstakes.com is hosting a “Weekly Social Media Contest” in which users create promotions, adverts, or videos, in hopes to earn a total of $50.00 USD.

Excited?  Here’s the link:


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April 13, 2010

Freebies and Much More: Play ICS and Win $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Freebies and Much More is at it again!


Play ICS and Win $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (Ends 5/11)
Posted 4/13/2010 
Categories: Giveaway, ICS

Back in February, I posted a giveaway where you could win $50 for signing up to Instant Cash Sweepstakes. I had such a great turnout for this giveaway, I thought I’d do it once more.

If you are unaware of Instant Cash Sweepstakes or have never heard of them until now, you’re missing out! It’s a really neat concept and it’s 100% free. All you do is sign-up, answer 3 question surveys, 5 times every 3 hours, and watch the tickets, coins, and money pile up. The best part is that for every time a friend you invite wins, you get the same prize. Imagine, if you have 100 friends and they all play and win 10 cents a day, you’ll have earned $10 for doing nothing but joining. It’s a pretty great dea if you ask me…so sign-up today and let’s all start winning some money!!!

Win It:

(1) Grand Prize winner will receive a $25 Gift Card to Amazon.com

How to Enter:

Visit Instant Cash Sweepstakes (ICS), sign-up, and take a few surveys! Then, come back here and post a comment telling us why you love ICS and leave your First Name and Last Name Initial you used when you signed up for ICS!

**Be sure to leave a comment for each extra entry**

Extra Entries:

(1 Entry) Follow me on Google Friend Connect (Under “Be My Friend”)
(1 Entry) Subscribe to Freebies and Much More by Email
(1 Entry per Day) Follow me on Twitter AND tweet about the giveaway by copying and pasting the below message! (1 tweet per day)

@FreebiesGalore Play ICS and Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - http://tinyurl.com/ICSgiveaway/ (Ends 5/11) #ICSrocks

(1 Entry) Follow ICS on Twitter
(1 Entry) Become a fan of ICS on Facebook
(5 Entries) Post on your website/blog about this giveaway linking back to Freebies and Much More

**All entries must be received by May 11, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST**


18+, US/CA Only, PayPal Account

Choosing the Winners:

From the entries that I receive, I will use Random.org to draw the first name of the winner. On May 13th, I will announce the first name of the winner in a new post on Freebies and Much More and on Twitter. I will also contact the winner by email (be sure to give me one you check daily). If I do not hear back from a winner after 48 hours, I will draw a replacement winner by using the same method as above.

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February 17, 2010

Write up of AskYourTargetMarket.com on The Social Commerce blog!!

AskYourTargetMarket – Surveys of Targeted Market Panels for $30

Submitted by Craig Agranoff on Wednesday, 17 February 2010

There are a lot of survey tools out there and the Internet has made conducting and getting survey results easier than ever.  Market research aimed at specific markets or demographics, however, aren’t as easy.  This valuable information usually requires a lot of know-how and money to get.

Not anymore.  AskYourTargetMarket.com has publicly launched after having been in private beta since appearing at the TechCrunch50 in 2009.  This tool allows you to quickly and easily build surveys and narrow a target market of focused responders.

The entire app narrows down to a fairly straight-forward dashboard from which you can build your survey and desired demographics/market.  You start with a page of simple selections to be made, using sliders and drop-down boxes.  Age and income ranges are on sliders, for instance, while race, education, and so forth are drop-downs.

You then use a slider to choose the number of responses you’d like (starting at 50 and going up to 400).  Then you’re ready to write your survey.

AskYourTargetMarket can do both straight surveys (a list of questions that everyone is asked) or a Branched Logic survey, for which different answers move to different questions.  This allows for some real depth to your survey.

Finally, you can choose to have your survey DoubleCheckd.  With this, AskYourTargetMarket will wait for three or more hours after your survey has been given to the panelists and then give it to them again (they won’t know it’s coming a second time).  Only those surveys which have like answers on both sessions will be considered valid.  This can increase accuracy in many scenarios.

Overall, the AskYourTargetMarket tool is extremely useful for most businesses.  The results can be valuable and the price tag at $29.95, to start, is definitely affordable.


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February 15, 2010

Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Play and Win Giveaway - Ends Feb 28th

Are you kidding me right now????

Check this out, from Chris, one of our esteemed ICS members and blogger extraordinaire/webmaster of www.freebiesandmuchmore.com :

A few months ago, I ran across this really cool site called Instant Cash Sweepstakes. It’s a really neat concept and it’s 100% free. All you do is sign-up, answer 3 question surveys 5 times every 3 hours, and watch the tickets, coins, and money pile up. The best part is that for every time a friend you invite wins, you get the same prize. Imagine, if you have 100 friends and they all play and win 10 cents a day, you’ll have earned $10 for doing nothing. Pretty cool if you ask me…so sign-up today and let’s all start winning some money!!!

How to Enter the May Giveaway? Sign-up by clicking here and then come back and submit your information in the Google form below
How to EARN EXTRA Giveaway Entries? Complete any of the below items and be sure you leave a Comment for each extra item you complete

(5 Entries) Subscribe to Freebies and Much More by email (Click Here)

(5 Entries) Tweet about this contest with the following: @FreebiesGalore Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Play and Win Giveaway - http://ow.ly/17gyU and leave a comment with the twitter link ~ You may tweet (2 times per day - 10 entries per day!)

(5 Entries) Follow me on Twitter and leave a comment telling me your twitter username

(10 entries) Do you have a Blog? If so, Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link

(10 entries) Comment on any other post at Freebies and Much More and Comment in this post that you did. (1 per day!)

(25 Entries) Put my Logo ~ Chicklet ~ Banner on your blog/site and leave the link to where you put it

(25 Entries) Sign-up for a survey site and leave a comment! - Click here for list of survey sites

What is included in this Giveaway? The winner of the Instant Cash Sweepstakes - Play, and Win Giveaway will win a $50 Gift Card to ANY store of their choosing (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc)
When does this Giveaway end? February 28th at 11:59PM (EST)

Restrictions: You must be 18 years old, you must live in the US, and they only pay via PayPal

How will you choose the winner(s)? I will use Random.org to draw the name of the winner. I will announce the first name of the winner in a new post during the first week of March. I will also contact the winner by email (be sure to give me one you check daily). If I do not hear back from the winner after 48 hours, I will draw a replacement winner by using the same method as above.

Go to this URL to get in on this cool give-away!


Thanks, Chris, you completely and totally rock!

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February 10, 2010

Your blogs and tweets!

We’ve listed some of these before, the newest ones are at the bottom. I want to draw special attention to 3 bloggers in particular:


Very professional, well done, easy to read and understand, and you don’t have to scroll down 5 miles to read something! Well done!

Take a look at what we got from one of you, OUTSTANDING!!!

I am following you on Twitter (@Tracy_Iglesias)
My Blog Link is: http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com
My ICS referral link is: http://instantcashsweepstakes.com/invitations/ref_link/53393
Sent ICS some twitter love here: http://twitter.com/Tracy_Iglesias/status/8921324130

Tracy Iglesias
The Ascending Butterfly - Not just a blog, not just a destination, but an upwards journey!
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ascending-Butterfly/55906234945
Email: tiglesias625@gmail.com
Twitter: @Tracy_Iglesias

You rock, sista!

And last, but by no means least, check out this FANTASTIC blog, and the UNREAL post about ICS:


The attention to detail and excellent workmanship is nothing short of excellence.














Check them all out to get ideas for YOUR blog, so you can promote your referral link and make more money!

ICSers who we are following on Twitter:


So let us know, we will follow you, retweet your tweets about ICS!

If you have a blog or a twitter account and i don’t have you listed here, contact me at support@instantcashsweepstakes.com

Keep up the great work, you are all very talented and resourceful!

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February 7, 2010

The New and Improved TrustScore Has Launched

Hey gang,
We spent the last few weeks studying all of your suggestions. We have re-engineered the TS system to make it more fun for you while still motivating the few members who could be doing a better job adding value to ICS. True demographics and candid opinions is all we ask.

We’ve added a game-like quality to ICS. The TS ranks all have special bonuses and it will be fun to advance your TS and more to higher and more valuable ranks. Also, remember that you can increase your odds of winning any daily sweepstakes drawing by converting some of your coins into lottery tickets. So, if you feel lucky or if it’s your birthday, go ahead and make your day.

FYI:The highest anyone has ranked in the TrustScore relaunch is actually a 4. Please give the system some time to realign itself before becoming concerned about a score.

Also: under the new system you are really competing against yourself. So, keep up the good work!!

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January 29, 2010

More Bonus Store purchases…the close-out sale!

Post from ICS user Kimberly in her blog, My Good Cents:

My ICS Bonus Store Prize Arrived!

A few days ago I wrote a post about the ICS Bonus Store closing. I had a load of coins and was excited to be able to snag three prizes! However, with that excitement I apparently forgot how to read and missed the one prize only rule. In the end I chose to go with the Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera

Click here to read more and see a great example of blogging to make money online!


Follow us on Twitter (InstantCashSwps) and we will follow you back and retweet your tweets about us and your blog posts. Just write to us at

support@instantcashsweepstakes.com and give us your blog link, twitter, etc., and we will help you spread the word and get referrals!

Happy playing!

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January 13, 2010

Our first 2 Bonus Store purchases!

We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your gift, and that this
completes your order.

Apple iPod shuffle 4 GB

Shipped via USPS

It was shipped out today to prolific player, referrer and WINNER Gregory F!

He earned enough Bonus Coins to cash them in for this sweet little iPod!

Also, you can go here to see one ICSer blog about what he bought from the Bonus Store with his coins:


"On January 6th I posted about ordering my first Instant Cash Sweepstakes prize. A 8GB USB pen drive. I’m glad to inform you that it got here today, January 12th. And for the skeptical out there, here’s the pic.”

Ok, let us count the ways that YOU can win more cash and coins and tickets…

1) Play as often as you can!

2) Answer thoughtfully and honestly so that you can win triple tickets for answering the same way each time, and so that your TrustScore keeps you in the highest percentile, and you win more tickets and coins!!

3) Get your friends and family to sign up under your referral link.

4) Post your referral link in your blog and talk up ICS as a great place to win cash and prizes!

5) Go to forums that talk about ways to make money online and talk up ICS as a great place to win cash and prizes, and post your referral link (read and adhere to forum rules!)

See older posts to read about some forums to check out and some great examples of ICSers blogs. Once you take a look around the different sites online, you will see that this is the fastest, easiest and best way to add referrals to your list and pile up cash and tickets and coins!

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